TK Alarms design, install and maintain high quality CCTV Systems. We cater for domestic and commercial customers and will design a system to suit your needs and parameters.

We only install high quality products which makes us stand out from the competition. There are many different types of CCTV systems on the market today but what makes us different is that we choose to install the products that stand out from the rest offering high quality HP and IP megapixel cameras and complimentary recording equipment. We provide broadband services ensuring that wherever you are based in the world you can log into your CCTV system and view live images on your PC, laptop or mobile phone offering on demand and 24/7 surveillance.


In business, video surveillance provides a valuable insight into your operations that would otherwise be unattainable and should be an integral part of your security plan.

In addition to providing a visual record of incidents at your company, the presence of surveillance cameras can be a powerful deterrent. Your CCTV system can also be linked to a central monitoring station for 24-hour live audio and video surveillance. Please see more about this on our 24-Hour Monitoring page.

We can offer expert advice on the installation of CCTV Systems, in line with guidance from the Data Protection Commission Act and General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

CCTV has evolved hugely in recent years in terms of your personal data and rights. By installing a TK CCTV System, you can be assured of expert advice, design, installation and maintenance.

Our CCTV Systems are certified to I.S.EN 50132 standards and certification is provided with all installations.

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